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Hi Marlena,
Why posit Big Pharma shutting down bloggers when it can use them instead? 
By monitoring bloggers (et al), pharma's marketing gets valuable info for 
its disinformational ad and PR campaigns. You know, find out what people are 
complaining about and then pull a Bush--deny, deflect, and reframe the 
argument, preferably before the people are screaming to major media.

But perhaps I'm a tad cynical by now...

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> Hi,
> This is from the blog from the bioethics.net site...as we have discussed 
> Big
> Pharma in the past, I thought it relevant.  I suppose there will be  even
> more people monitoring Our List.
> I had not heard of "i-reputation" ... is it a data-mining software of some
> sort?
> Wondering what sort of pay a Pharma Spy gets,
> Marlena (usually in Missouri)
> Bloggers: Be Afraid [of Pharma Spies] - Be  Very Afraid
> Financial Times reports that leading pharmaceutical companies have figured
> out how to "'spy' on internet conversations about medicines, and they are 
> going
> to be reading blogs. Already our server logs record dozens of hits a day
> from  pharma companies (hey, works for me - read bioethics all day long, 
> guys!),
> but  the new software, called "i-reputation," is on a whole new scale, 
> raising
> the  ire of lots of folks in the Internet community. Tough to see why
> pharmaceutical  folks reading blogs would be problematic, since after all 
> blogs are
> public, but it is easy to see what the concentrated strength of
> pharmaceutical companies could do to suppress something that Big Pharma 
> doesn't  want to
> see in blogdom.
> Health bloggers have the capacity right now to operate under the radar 
> screen
> of big corporations, or at least to do so to some degree, because the
> readership  is a small and dedicated sampling of people who cannot get 
> enough news,
> or who  are looking for very specific information from Google (that latter
> group makes  up roughly 75% of our readership, for example). But blogdom
> germinates ideas  that eventually become threatening to powerful 
> corporations and
> others with  clout - and so the same technology that made blogs so 
> accessible will
> now be  reverse engineered to make blogs more vulnerable...
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