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This message of yours only just appeared in my inbox this morning.  I have
occasionally had that same problem: posts appearing long after I posted
them, but this may be a record.


You mention Pausanias.  He is an interesting fellow.  Although not built
along the heroic lines of Leonidas, he apparently thought he was, and that
got him into trouble.  Being a great general did not garner him the Spartan
esteem he thought he deserved.  The Spartans valued a great hero who proved
himself on the field of battle above that of a great general who led his
armies to success in a war.


The actual crime that caused him to ?be walled up in the temple of Athena of
the Brazen house and starved to death? was intriguing with the Helots, the
Spartan slaves.  Later, after Pausanias? death, and the Spartans were
running low on warrior-citizens, they did grant Helots ?a conditional form
of freedom in return for military service.


?Only later, after recourse to the Delphic Oracle, was Pausanias
posthumously rehabilitated and given an unprecedented token of honour in the
form of two bronze commemorative statues.  Much later still his name was
linked with that of Leonidas as recipient of annual games held in their
joint honour.?




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>Even though he hopes to get them for less than $24, there are probably a
>more than 350 by now.  


--- And that's the good thing about it. Loeb groweth eternally.


They have surpassed the 500, by now, which was celebrated with the
publication of I forget what -- it's in their site.


I think it's a good thing that it's updating, as I hope to see the day when
they publish



Other Presocratic fragments,


etc. --- although what they have so far is pretty good, it's good to look
for additions.


--- I don't really 'collect' them in that I will present them to this public
library which delights in cataloguing things. So they will be more pleased
say with a copy for

A B C D E ... F


with different authors for each letter,


than, say, the 11 volumes under "P" in PAUSANIAS.


I'm trying to get hold of the earliest volumes in each set, although
sometimes it's later volumes that are more interesting. E.g. PLINY discusses
sculpture in Book 38!


Professionally (if that's the word I hate) I'd be concerned with the
PHILOSOPHY titles, which are quite a bunch.


And I tend to be very symmetrical in my ordering: it's always ONE GREEK and
one ROMAN. I don't want the Swimming Pool Library to look _unbalanced_.

At one time I conceived the idea of collecting only the green (Greek)
volumes, and I may still change my mind! But I'm finding the red (Roman)
volumes rather funny (at parts). And although red is tackier a colour than
the excellent green (They used to do it in leather purple, the Latin ones),
it will look nice by the Pool!


         -- Providing she does not splash them as she leaps.






     OPEN APPEAL -- if you, darling lurker, find a nice

         reasonably priced SECOND-HAND volume of 

         Loeb in that dark corner of yes, that old bookshop

         that nobody visits, and you can get it for $3, 

         let me have that number!

                       J. L. Speranza


                       The Swimming Pool Library

                              by the River Plate


                     St. Michæl Hall


                     Calle 58, No. 611

                     La Plata B1900BPY

                     Buenos Aires, 

                      The Argentine


-- Talking about "Michael" I read about the origin of the name being Greek,
-- will share when I find details. (Yes, I know it's Hebrew, but there was a
similar Greek name that someone had, and was co-referential). 


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