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  • Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 16:25:28 -0700

Simon Ward wrote:

In other words, it's not just the rules, but the manner and style of play.

Perhaps if Robert could list all the shot types in baseball...

Easy. In baseball, there are none. Now, if it's types of pitches you mean, that would be another thing. Fastball, curveball (basic) drop, slider, sinker, knuckleball, all of which might appear hyphenated combinations (fastball-sinker); screwball, eephus, slurve, forkball, etc. These can all be thrown with a range of pitching motions: overhead, side arm, submarine (somewhat like skipping a stone), and are aimed at various parts of the strike zone (q.v.) or out of it. The fastball, like the curveball has a number of flavors: four-seam, two-seam, etc. The curve may curve to the right or left; two fast balls may be followed by a change-up—a pitch that is thrown with the same motion but arrives at the batter more slowly than anticipated. And so on. Mostly, you'd have to be there.

A ball that is thrown so wildly that the catcher (q.v.) cannot stop it (no harm done if there are no runners on base) is a wild pitch; if it gets past the catcher and in the judgment of the scorer (there are judgments in baseball, in cricket there may be judgements) it could have been stopped, it is a passed ball. Both are errors (q.v.).

In baseball there is no tea. In cricket there are no peanuts.

If anything else occurs to me, I'll try to repress it.

Robert Paul
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