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> Hi,
> Regarding the Belief of the Month: Pagan Christianity (seeking to define
> this belief/religious tradition a bit more clearly), I was looking up the word
> "pagan":   From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the Christian who  delights in
> bright lights, wonderous delicious food at holiday times  [particularly
> thinking of the eggnog thought that was sent by Andreas--and  we don't do milk
> products in our home but they DO make one made out of soy  which is quite 
> good and
> ONLY available during this time period--but also of the  multitudes of
> cookies, treats, etc.], the gift-giving aspect of holidays, the  whole aspect 
> of life
> being a party and we all need to help each other enjoy it  as much as
> possible--who wants a party where no one is there ... a tad different  from 
> the True
> Believers who want all the people to join their faith by fair  means or foul
> because of other reasons...a Pagan Christian thus even  delights in acts of
> charity--partly because usually the acts of charity are  often done in Party
> Groups themselves, but also because we want EVERYONE to be  laughing, singing 
> and
> finding some wonder in life...[I think, here, of my friend  who drives a truck
> [he's 5' 2" so makes lots of jokes about it, too] while  others drop off food
> for the homeless in the KC area--he does this every other  month on the
> weekends...and describes it as a party as all the volunteers have  fun doing 
> it...]
> Musing on Pagan Christianity,
> Marlena in Missouri
> (CEO of Belief of the Month Club - a Work in Progress <g>)
>>From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
> pagan:  One who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual
> pleasures and material goods: an irreligious or hedonistic person
>>From the Compact Oxford English Dictionary:
> pagan
> • noun a person holding religious beliefs other than those  of the main 
> world
> religions.
> • adjective relating to pagans or their beliefs.
> — DERIVATIVES paganism noun.
> — ORIGIN Latin paganus ‘rustic’, later ‘civilian’ (i.e. a  person 
> who was
> not a ‘soldier’ in Christ’s army).
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