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Regarding the Belief of the Month: Pagan Christianity (seeking to define  
this belief/religious tradition a bit more clearly), I was looking up the word  
"pagan":   From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the Christian who  delights in 
bright lights, wonderous delicious food at holiday times  [particularly 
thinking of the eggnog thought that was sent by Andreas--and  we don't do milk 
products in our home but they DO make one made out of soy  which is quite good 
ONLY available during this time period--but also of the  multitudes of 
cookies, treats, etc.], the gift-giving aspect of holidays, the  whole aspect 
of life 
being a party and we all need to help each other enjoy it  as much as 
possible--who wants a party where no one is there ... a tad different  from the 
Believers who want all the people to join their faith by fair  means or foul 
because of other reasons...a Pagan Christian thus even  delights in acts of 
charity--partly because usually the acts of charity are  often done in Party 
Groups themselves, but also because we want EVERYONE to be  laughing, singing 
finding some wonder in life...[I think, here, of my friend  who drives a truck 
[he's 5' 2" so makes lots of jokes about it, too] while  others drop off food 
for the homeless in the KC area--he does this every other  month on the 
weekends...and describes it as a party as all the volunteers have  fun doing 
Musing on Pagan Christianity,
Marlena in Missouri
(CEO of Belief of the Month Club - a Work in Progress <g>)
From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
pagan:  One who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual  
pleasures and material goods: an irreligious or hedonistic person 
From the Compact Oxford English Dictionary:
â?¢ noun a person holding religious beliefs other than those  of the main world 
â?¢ adjective relating to pagans or their beliefs.  
â?? DERIVATIVES paganism noun.  
â?? ORIGIN Latin paganus â??rusticâ??, later â??civilianâ?? (i.e. a  person who 
not a â??soldierâ?? in Christâ??s army). 

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