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  • Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 12:28:27 EST

<<I am contrite....>>
As well you should be <g>.

<<I was thinking more of a  hoax bid from someone who wasn't a
eBay really really frowns on that sort of thing -- when you buy something,  
they ask you repeatedly if you understand that this is final, that you WILL be  
required to follow through on payment, etc.  With that large a sum of  money, 
I think someone could get into real trouble by not honoring it if no one  
out-bids them.  For certain, they would not be permitted to bid on anything  on 
eBay again.

<<I found the PS3s on ebay,   I saw a  winning bid of (I can't find
it now!,
anyway, say $1400) and an average  sale price of $1048.  This
refusing to copy/paste so I can't  give the url>>
Double the retail price for instant gratification.   Ish.....

Btw, the $250,000.00 bid (if I didn't say this already) still  has 9 days 
left to go.  And once you bid, it's not retractable.
Julie Krueger
thinking of Darfur

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