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Hey!  That's *Fox* news.  I'm not so sure, though....  I use  eBay quite a 
bit (selling and buying) and they have pretty strict rules and  regulations 
about, say, signing on under a different user name and bidding  against 
to raise the price.  eBay does monitor that sort of thing  and will stop 
allowing the seller to post items.  A few days ago eBay put  out a message to 
& sellers' inboxes saying that because of the  opportunity for abuse, they 
were not going to allow postings of the PS3.  A  few days later, apparently 
recanted -- a bunch of them have been put up for  bid.  The $250,000 is the 
most egregious, but there are several starting  bids of $20,000 to $40,000, and 
then on down from that.  Considering the  exorbitant bidding price I would 
think eBay would be keeping a pretty close eye  on things.  By the way, there's 
also a "buy it now" option for some  postings (the seller has to accumulate x 
number of sales with good ratings  before being allowed to do that), and some 
of *those* prices (the buy it now is  typically higher than the bidding....as 
in, if you don't want to play the bid  game and just really want the item this 
is what you have to shell out) are  pretty stiff....$50,000, etc.
But I'm saying -- your kid wants a PS3 for Christmas?  Give them a  little 
gift card saying "As soon as the retail stores are restocked with the  PS3, 
you've got one!".  Tramplings, gunshots .... people waiting in line  for *six 
& nights* for a GAME?!
Guess I'm just an old fogy....and lucky my daughter is only lobbying for an  
iPod.  (Hey Andreas or any other tech guru -- how does an iPod compare in  
terms of what it can do to something like Fusit or a cell phone that can also  
store and play music?).
Julie Krueger

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sounds like a fake bid to me.  Here's the  story I found (I
find anything at ebay.com but perhaps I don't  know how to
use the  site)


Judy  Evans, Cardiff
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>  Somebody please explain to me what on earth would possess
someone to  bid
> (yes, it's an actual bid placed on eBay) $250,000.... a  quarter
of a mil....for
> a game (PlayStation 3) that retails for  $500?  There are lower
bids on other
> sellers' PS3s, of course --  only $40,000,  $20,000.....
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