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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 08:33:52 EDT

Andreas Ramos writes:
>>Oz has always been in Australia. Since 
>>the late 70s, at least.

McCreery comments:

>Long before that it was Frank L. Baum's Land of Oz, 
>described an celebrated in a series of books, the Judy 
>Garland movie, and the Broadway adaptation, 
>The Wiz.

I think Andreas is trying to say that Australia has been, since the late  
70s, that technicolor land 'over the rainbow', where bluebirds fly, etc --  and 
where 'pommies' appear systematically to whinge (for some reason). 
Interestingly, Baum's _Oz_ antedates, of course, the first ('Great War')  use 
of "Oz" to mean "Australia". Apparently, Bauman got the inspiration for  the 
name of that dreamland from a file in his office, that covered the  letters 
O-Z. No mention of that in the OED, nor a quote featuring "Oz" as  per Baum's 
creation. Sad.
There is a current Broadway hit, "The boy from Oz", which plays on the  
ambiguity (or heteronymy, as I prefer), since it portrays the life of 
entertainer Peter Allen -- ex Mr. Minnelli, etc., and author of "Everything old 
 is new again". He is played by an Australian actor, too, making the 
ambiguity a  triguity. 

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