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Oz is  Australia?   How slowly we catch on.   Had to google  this.   
Assumed the Wizard of....

There is an entry for 'Oz' in the OED, which I append below. The first cite  
is from 1908, and oddly spelt (spelled) 'Oss'. 
From the OED
Oz. [Repr. pronunc. of abbrev. of Australia and Australian:  cf. 'Aussie', n. 
and  a.]  
1908 Bulletin (Sydney) 2 July 15/3 
My home is near  Kingston, which is in the S.E. of South Oss.  
1944 Barging  about: organ of 43rd Austral. Landing Craft Co. 1 Sept. 6  
All the tribes of Oz  did gather together.  
1970 B. HUMPHRIES in Private Eye 13 Feb. 16  (caption)  
If they guess I'm from  Oz the shit will really hit the fan.  
1988 Arena Autumn/Winter 78/1  
When you are fronting  up for the greatest little country..ie  you need to be 
pretty smart.

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