[lit-ideas] "Our Father" And Dr. Brodie's Dilemma

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I cried.  Remembering  my father 
and how I resented the fact that he 
never shared the wisdom  
that would make me 
like him.  

J. L. Borges, who sort of hated his father, recalls, in "Dr. Brodie's  
Report", the dilemma of Dr. Brodie, a Scots missionary spreading the Gospel in  
Tierra del Fuego.
  "These natives, -- [he was going to translate "The Lord's Prayer",  which
   starts, "Our Father..."] don't have a notion of 'father', or  
   'motherhood' yes, because it's _visual_. But fathers are  distant -- 
   spermatic achievement was 9 months before the conception, and  these
   natives don't have such a long attention span."
J. L. S.
   Buenos Aires, Argentina
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