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War is "periodic" but not constant.  It's like disease: We will NEVER be 
able to rid humanity of diseases--but that doesn't mean we are always 
sick or that medicines never work. We CAN win the struggle against 
disease, but only for a short time, and we CAN extend life expectancy. 
Likewise, we CAN limit the harm of war and we CAN extend the times when 
we are relatively at peace.  Just because war is "inevitable" does not 
mean that it must start now. I'd be happy if my daughter's next 20 years 
could be relatively peaceful--this does not seem unreasonable or 

Andy Amago wrote:

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>I am surprised that anyone could write the statement =93the bottom line is
>humanity chooses war.=94 =20
>A.A.  I think your position is that war just happens.  If that is the case,=
> and I think you're right, it is the case, then we are doomed.  Since day o=
>ne there has been war, in all countries, at all times, ever escalating in i=
>ntensity, right up until today when peaceloving Americans invaded a country=
> and made up all sorts of reasons why they did it.  Yet you say doing somet=
>hing over and over literally for all of history is not a choice.  What it i=
>s then?
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