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The Unexpurgated Journal of a Personal  Trainer,
1993 N.Y. Times Mag. 27 June 16/2, 
I have lived what a friend called the California  Cliché: I fell in love with 
my personal  trainer.
>>"Human being"
>I don't understand what you mean. I'm not trained as a  philosopher.
<NOBR>He is puzzled, though, how _two_ breasts can train with a 
<NOBR>Geary: I need a first phrase for the subject line: "The unexpurgated  
journal of a personal trainer". It needs something short and catchy, but can't  
think of it. So it goes: "xxxx": The unexpurgated, etc. Any suggestion, you 
or  o
<NOBR>-- More quotes below. Perhaps the most controversial (if boring one)  
is regarding M
1879 J. T. ROGERS in Cassell's Techn. Educ. IV. 53/2 

"It would be absurd to assign the genius of Mozart to  training."

J. Rogers, 1879.
However, when we read he wrote that for "Cassell's Technical  Education", we 
may excuse his rhetorics.
1727 _GAY_ 
Fables I. ix, Seek you to  train your fav'rite boy? Each caution, 
ev'ry care employ. 
1877 _E. R.  CONDER_ 
  Bas. Faith iii. 103 This  protracted pupilage..is 
admirably calculated to train and perfect his moral  character.
This would irritate Kramer. Lawyers (if not esquires) are _trained_, never  

  Serm. (1729) I. 39 Such  advocates as had been trained 
up in the civil  law.
1872 _J. F.  CLARKE_ 
  Self-Culture i. (1880) 33  Animals can be trained 
by man, but they cannot train themselves.
-- This idea was possibly adopted by the animistic Greeks. In his  
three-volume _Paideia_ Jaeger expands on this (tr. by Highet for Harvard U P).  
'pais' would indeed be unable to 'train' (but I fail to get the Greek for  
except by the aid of the 'paidagogue'. 

Jaeger wants however to sublimate the thing and derogatorily puts it  that 
'paideia' does not mean what it strictly _expresses_. "It was no mere  
But this quote from 1832 indicates that by then, human beings, as opposed  to 
mere 'animals' were thought of being able to self-train (then why the present 
 vogue for 'personal trainers' -- Is Suzanne Sommers stupid or what?):
1832 _S.  AUSTIN_ 
  tr. Pückler-Muskau's Tour of German Prince III. iv.  
74, I kept race-horses myself, and had a Newmarket jockey for a  time in my 
service... It amused me greatly to see this fellow ‘training’  himself.
1937 Daily  Tel. 15 Oct. 23/3 He..trained on into a  first-rate College  oar. 
(but it's not clear if he did that without a _coach_. Usufferables as  
Oxonians are he possibly didn't). Cfr. training groom:
1816 Sporting Mag. XLVIII. 172 The defendant, a *training-groom  to the Duke 
of  Dorset.
For Byron it's the "Dorian" (Spartan) element of _ascesis_ that is  important:
1811 _BYRON_ 
Hints fr. Hor. 703 The youth who  trains to ride, or run a 
race, Must bear  privations.
J. Krueger may or may not agree with this:
Calvin on Deut. c. 615 
The feast of Tabernacles was a traynment to the people of  Israell. 
1879 J. T.  ROGERS in Cassell's Techn. Educ. IV. 53/2  It would be absurd to 
assign the genius of Mozart to  training.
Quotes for 'training college':
1829 Mod. [*Training College was in use in Ireland]. 
1882 _OGILVIE_ 
Normal school..a school in which teachers are  instructed in the principles 
of their profession and trained in the practice of  it; a training-college. 
1884  _S. E.  DAWSON_ 
  Handbk. Canada 211 A theological  training-college 
for priests. 
1901 Contemp. Rev. Mar. 361 
For years the supply of teachers exceeded the demand; now it  is the other 
way, or soon will be, and that is one of the factors in the  training college 

Quotes for 'training school':
[1814 Brit.  & For. School Soc., Bye Laws, The school for  children at the 
Borough Road, and the school for training of schoolmasters.] 
1829 Kildare Place Soc., Rep., To  draw the attention of the public to these 
*Training Schools. 
1897  _GRENFELL_ 
  &  _HUNT_ 
New Classical Fragm., etc. lxvii. 101 Aurelius 
Asclepiades..agrees to hire from Aurelius Theon, the  keeper of a 
training-school, probably at Arsinoe, the services of two  dancing-girls. 
1905  First Ann. Rep. N.Y. State Training School for Girls 4 
The Penal Code was amended..so as to authorize the  commitment of delinquent 
girls under the age of sixteen..to the New York State  Training School for 
1978 Globe & Mail (Toronto) 11 Jan. 7/3 If training schools are closed, then 
some group homes will have  to have a custodial aspect.

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