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Persecuted leader of an underground liberation movement, 
jubilator, social radical, martyr.
Apocryphal birth of Jesus Christ, in an obscure village, child of a peasant 
woman. Worked in a carpenter shop until 30. Then for three years an unemployed 
itinerant preacher. Never wrote a book, never held office, had a family or 
owned a house. Didn't go to college, had no credentials. Never visited a big 
city nor traveled more than 200 miles from his birthplace. Did none of the 
things one usually associates with greatness. 

He was 33 when the tide of public opinion turned against him & his pals ditched 
him. Turned over to his enemies, went through the mockery of a trial. He was 
nailed to a cross between two thieves. While dying, his executioners gambled 
for his clothing, his only property. Buried in a borrowed grave through the 
pity of a friend. 

Fully fits the description of a bum, a vagrant, a ne'er do well. 

CHRISTMAS. Santa Claus -- Capitalist Tool or Red Menace?

336 CE -- First recorded celebration of Christmas on Dec 25 occurs in Rome.

1914 CE -- Just after midnight on Christmas morning, the majority of German 
troops engaged in WWI cease firing guns & artillery, & commence to sing 
Christmas carols. 

At certain points along the Eastern & Western fronts, the soldiers of Russia, 
France, & Britain even hear brass bands joining the Germans in their joyous 
singing. At the first light of dawn, many of the German soldiers emerge from 
their trenches & approach the Allied lines across no man's land, calling out 
"Merry Christmas" in their enemies' native tongues. At first the Allied 
soldiers suspect it to be a trick, but soon climb out of their trenches & shake 
hands with the German soldiers. The men exchange presents of cigarettes & plum 
puddings & sing carols & songs & the Christmas Truce lasts a few days. 

Documentation is fragmentary since it was contrary to direct orders & the legal 
penalty for such fraternizing with the enemy was death! But even in this brutal 
war, peace was found on this day by ignoring political & military authority.

  Persian symbol of the ever-returning sun, celebrated at midwinter & embodying 
the triumph of light over darkness. He is recalled in blazing fires & puddings. 

Aztec calendar: Today is CIPACTLI (Crocodile). Protector of the day is 
Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Nurturance, the primordial god of creation & fertility. 
Cipactli is an auspicious day, signifying advancement & honor. It depicts 
energy & work, rewards & recognition. A good day for beginnings. 

BIRTH DAY of the sun god ATTIS, at Phrygia, now in Turkey. 


God rest ye Bleeders/Bibliomaniacs/Moocheads, let nothing you dismay
Remember there's no evidence there was a Christmas day.
When Christ was born just is not known, no matter what they say,
Glad tidings of reason & fact, reason & fact,
Glad tidings of reason & fact. 
There was no star of Bethlehem, there was no angel song,
There could have been no wise men, for the journey was too long,
The stories in the Bible are historically wrong,
Glad tidings of reason & fact, reason & fact,
Glad tidings of reason & fact. 

Much of our Christmas custom comes from Persia & from Greece,
From solstice celebrations of the ancient Middle East,
Our so-called Christmas holiday is but a pagan feast,
Glad tidings of reason & fact, reason & fact,
Glad tidings of reason & fact. 

(this ran in sci.archaeology in 1994, with a credit to "author unknown") 


All the above from The Daily Bleed http://www.eskimo.com/~recall/bleed/1225.htm

Merry Christmas to everyone.  If I've offended anyone this past year, please 
forgive me, mark it up to crudity, not mean-spiritedness, I got nothing but 
love for ya, Honey.

Mike Geary

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