[lit-ideas] Re: On Names and Respect

  • From: Paul Stone <pastone@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 15:12:25 -0400

All through University -- and that's a LONG through in my case -- we
referred to our profs by whatever they referred to themselves. One
prof came in the first day and said "Hi, I'm [insert last name only]',
so that's what we called him. Another referred to herself in third
person as KQ, so that's what we called her. Behind their backs, we
usually referred to them by last name only, and some times derisively
so, but almost always in those cases, it was prefaced by a 'fucking'
or 'that asshole'.

 In the 12 years I was in school (no, I didn't waste any of them) I
only ever remember calling two profs by their first names and both of
those guys were drinking buddies when I was in Grad school. Most of
them just preferred Dr soandso or sir, even in one case, a woman. And,
in an effort towards full disclosure, we did have pet names for some
of the 'female' profs who were in the various departments I was
enrolled in. But in the interest of privacy, I shan't divulge any of
those unique and, in most cases, probably objectionable monikers.

p [who would have gone by 'p' had I gone the whole way as planned]
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