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>prefer Beethoven
Yost writes.
Of course the thing was created as a 'stage' thing, as sung by a tenor. The 
 lyrics, by Thomson, a Scot, are inspired by ideas of Britons as per old 
Britons  (hence 'never shall be slaves' of Romans, or stuff). 
The Albert Hall tradition is a long-standing one, to have a soloist at that 
 point, and the wiki entry ("Rule, Britannia") mentions Lott and others who 
Dawkins has expanded on what he calls a 'meme' there: how "Britannia, rule  
the waves" is sung as "Britannia RULES [as per matter of fact] the waves". 
Also  how, 'Britons SHALL not be slaves' is turned onto "Britons WILL not be 
The original masque, "Afred", opened 1 August 1740 Conductor: - Thomas Arne 
Alfred tenor Thomas Lowe
Emma/Venus soprano Kitty  Clive
Spirit/Pallas/Paris mezzo-soprano Susannah Maria Cibber
Bard/Mercury  bass

If Yost prefers the Beethoven, call me historicist when I favour these  
links by Wiki:


Thomas Arne's Alfred - Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Nicholas  
Kreamer (Conductor), 1997. BBC Music Vol.V No. 10

Thomas Arne: Alfred - Philarmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale, Nicholas  
McGegan (Conductor), 1999. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

In a message dated  9/13/2010 5:47:01 P.M., mr.eric.yost@xxxxxxxxx writes:
Prefer Beethoven's  variations on said tune. John Ogden has a good 
recording of it. De gustibus  ...

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