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  • From: Erin Holder <erin.holder@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 12:13:01 -0400

Actually, it's my 25th birthday. And perhaps next time you can refrain from sharing my family's deaths with the rest of the world, seeing as how it's not particularly your business.


Quoting Mike Geary <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

"Today, June 15th, marks the 792nd anniversary of the writ of habeas corpus....We'd give the [birthday] card to Habeas himself, but he's been missing since October 17, 2006 -- the day Congress allowed the president to sign the Military Commissions Act into law."

"...Habeas is more than an idea. It lies at the heart of our national identity and the values each of us holds. For centuries, Habeas Corpus has stood up for anyone who was accused of a crime, protecting us against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment. As our fight to restore Habeas continues, help us show our appreciation of him by celebrating his birthday with us.

"To learn more about Habeas' birthday, read Anthony Romero's comments on the Huffington Post."

from the ACLU at aclu@xxxxxxxx

Tomorrow, June 16th is Bloom's Day, my hero. It is also Erin Holder's birthday (her 24th, I think) which she will be spending in Winnipeg observing Shiva following the burial of her grandfather. I advised her to forget that, convert to Irish Catholic who dance and drink 'em down into the ground, then get on with some serious drinking. But no, Tradition rules. Alas. Well, here's to Erin, wishing her a mournless 25th year.

Mike Geary


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