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I watched your Martin Jacques video - sounded like an infomercial.   Sounds
like he read a history of China and was inordinately impressed with their
past.  I went through a phase like that back in the 60s.  Couldn't get
enough of them, including their poetry and literature.  Even started
learning Mandarin although I didn't get very far.


Notice that Jacques doesn't mention Communism once.  You wouldn't know that
this is still a Communist country listening to him.  And he only mentions
Mao once in passing.  


Jacques also seems inordinately impressed with China's 1.3 billion people.
There is an implication that the West has fewer.  But the US has about 400
million, the EU maybe 450 & then there are all those colonies like Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, etc so "the West" is comparable in number to the
Chinese 1.3 billion.  And if you include Eastern Europe as part of the West,
we probably exceed China in number - not to mention Japan and a few others
who would not side with China against us.


Also, he doesn't mention that China has an aging population.  Their "one
child" rule means that they will be struggling to have enough young workers
to support the old timers.  And there is no hope that they will have
immigration as we in the west do because, as Jacques does say, the Chinese
are prejudiced against all non-Han races (not to mention non-Communist


Then also, Jacques conveniently confuses modern Western Culture (which is
semi-awful) with Liberal Democracy which is a combination of capitalism and
the freedom to develop anything that makes money as well as the
freedom-environment to allow for privacy, protection from illegal search and
seizure, freedom of speech & press, etc. that is essential to the
entrepreneurs in the west that continue to create wealth.  Jacques on the
other hand lauds the state control that can build a clever railway system
that can ride over the tops of the 1.3 billion people.  


.Ha, Eric.   I guess the jokes on me, taking this guy seriously enough to
watch his video.  J  I just looked him up on Wikipedia and found:  "Jacques
was editor of the Communist Party of Great Britain's journal, Marxism Today
from 1977 until its closure in 1991. In this period, Jacques was the
co-editor or co-author of The Forward March of Labour Halted? (1981), The
Politics of Thatcherism (1983) and New Times (1989)"  You're a funny guy.


Is anyone really paying attention to this guy?




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Lawrence: we in the U.S. cannot seriously clash with China.



We could, but even assuming we completely removed China's retaliatory
capacity, nobody in the US would approve of the rampant nuclear fallout.


It is noteworthy that Europeans, and later Americans, were always interested
in opening trade routes and relations with China--a giant historical arc.
Therefore, it would be a shame to spoil it by poisoning the world with the
radioactive dust of all their new cities. 


The talk below is interesting for its cultural appreciation of Chinese






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