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Any further discussions with JLS may  involve me now simply urling back, 
using the German language as my shield:  

Oddly, the title of the YouTube presentation is
"Philosoph Popper"
Note that in English we say,
"philosophiser" (or "-izer" with the American pronunciation, if you must). 
Note that in Greek it was
In Italian, we distinguish between
I read from Pei, "The Italian Language":
"This is well reflected in Italian, which has
gone back to the pitch type of
accentuation, as against English, which
has stress feature ("I did it")."
In 'filosofo', 'filosofa', to echo Pei,
"The accented vowe is relatively
short and the final vowel
absolutely clear".
----- Not of course, as Pei notes, in Neapolitan, 
which have
where "@" represents the schwa -- "the heavy stress leads to a lengthening  
of the accented vowel and the merging of the final vowels into an 
indefinite  schwa-sound."
It may be argued that if we say,
"Here comes the philosoph", in German, the implication is "male".
In English, the implicature is 'collapsed' (or cancelled). "He is a  
he-philosopher" as opposed as, say, "Martha Nussbaum is a she-philosopher"  
In Greek, it was even more complicated by the fact that 'eta' usually does  
for 'alpha'. ("Alpha male" is possibly oxymoronic, seeing that 'alpha' is 
the  termination for 'femminile', rather).
"What's all this stuff about being a "cocky/funny" "Alpha" male? Is it true 
 that "busting" on a woman and being "Alpha" is what it really takes to get 
the  kind of hot women most men really want?"
Look: there is nothing wrong, per se, with being cocky or commanding or  
challenging with a woman. Hell, I even gave advice on exactly how to do this 
way  back in 1988 when I wrote my original book, How To Get The Women You 
Desire Into  Bed .
But being cocky and sarcastic, by itself , is not going to get you into a  
woman's arms or her bed, unless you happen to already be so good looking 
that  she feels her naughty parts tingle just by looking at you .
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