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speranza, what a disappointment you are........ christian and anglican shit to boot! so you worship old people in skirts around canterbury... jeez.... what will grice say?

On Sun, 19 Sep 2010, Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx wrote:

Popper on the Third World

No -- really,  the Pope's aid!
I was amused, in the wrong way, by Evans's report of the  comment by the
Pope's aid who alleged 'health reasons'.
I feel I need to  know more about him! Was he Roma-born! (They have an
attitude!). Where was HE  born!?

Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Non Angli sed  ... -
Non Angli sed Angeli, si forent Christiani. Words attributed to  Gregory
(the Great) in 573 when some British children reduced to slavery were  shown
him at ...
www.bartleby.com ÿÿ ... ÿÿ Brewer's Dictionary -


I am of course an Anglican and can laugh at it with a clear conscience, but
I spent some time learning at how central Rome was in those days. The link
Anglicanism-Roman is so tight -- and indeed it is never clear to
distinguish  High Anglicanism (which I'm not, since I favour a 
congregation-type of
hymn-singing that you find in Low-Anglicans only) and R. C. --.

As for the multi-ethnicity, while Vatican surely is Swiss-gene dominated,
the population is not inbred, although, if you can believe this, they lack a
maternity hospital. Rome, on the other hand, can be pretty multiethnic --
as  opposed to the real provinces where you see the real Italy (just


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  [ _Quaestiones Naturales_, Adelard of Bath ]

Signora granda, testa che massa
massa ne passa, che quasi schissa,
Dia dei sostegni de cese e palassi
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Dia de le onde che le ne fa grassi,
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