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 Hi Everyone

   I read the article posted by Julie, concerning " No sex please we're
Japanese.  I also have read Andy's response and Andreas reply. But John's
reply actually made my eyes well up. Literally
  First I wish to address Julie's first -letter, because when my son was 13
years, he's 26 now. I went to pick him up for my "ahem" weekend visitation.
when I stopped in front of what used to be my house,here was this "person"
with baggy pants five sizes to large, a blue and white plaid shirt and a
baseball cap ,turned backwards on his head. You guessed it ,my jaw hit the
floor. Immediately , I ordered him out of the shirt and took him to sears
where we purchased correct fitting clothing. Well that worked fine until he
returned home and complained to his mom, that I had confiscated his "new"
clothes. there was an argument , and believe it or not, Her lawyer did
contact me to return the articles of clothing. The next time I saw my son he
was clad in this, Gangster style. there was nothing I could do. Now My son's
argument for this attire , was that everyone else is wearing such clothing!
unfortunately as I looked around , I did notice that the young boys were
wearing baggy pants etc. I also notice the dress style of the teenage women.
I mean, according to the equation of standards that I grew up to understand,
their, meaning boys and girls attire would have been un-acceptable.
   Now I ask, this question. Who can I blame? can blame the peer system? can
I blame the parents? or do I just chalk it up to this society at large?

     Now the fact that the Japanese Women are rebelling against ---hmmm,
would I be out of place to call it Chauvinism? does not come as a surprise
because , as the article Julie posted, seem to have a under- current theme
similar to that of a strike or walk out. I first thought that the Japanese
women were abstaining from sex, because they, the women or men, if you
will -just didn't like sex. But, as I read on, it was more so the
psychological and physical roles attached with being Married. That Being
Married did not equal a friend , a wife nor a partner, but, that Married
women were indentured servants to their husbands. Well for a while, the
American woman, and women from other countries as well faced that same
dilemma. I, my self , was married for 14 years before the " Divorce", and I
now have been with my Girl Friend for 20 years Feb 23.
we decided not to walk the plank-opps  down the isle. But we both work and
we share house work as well.
I mean, I wash dishes, mop, vacuum, dust , you know and she does as well.
But we both work full time Jobs so there is no expectation of whose "duty"
it is to do any particular task in our home. Also we view each other as Dear
Friends. I could never tell her that I had another person out side our home
who is my " Best Friend.! I said that to say this, When John stated that he
and his spouse were celebrating 35 years, I nodded  and said to myself  said
"now there goes two best friends.!" That that is the epitome of what I
understood from John assertion for better or for worst. I live near Camp
Pendleton  Marine corp. base and I can personally attest to the idealism of
true love. ALL I will say is this---I have seen the true delight of young
Married couples who have weathered the storm of separation, are truly happy
to be Married and committed. And I have also seen Marriages that could not
sustain the separation. Particularly the separation  brought on by this
recent thing in Iraq.

   Joseph Wells

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> ewerejapanese
> This intrigues me.  I'd like opinions re. why this trend in Japan (John?)
> such an opposite trend (if in its extreme form it can be called merely a
> "trend") in the U.S.  I am increasingly faced with the sex-ing of life
here.  My
> 12 year old 6th grader tells me the 7th grade girls talk routinely about
> blow jobs, she's shown video in "health class" showing computer animated
> shots of ejaculation from the inside of the penis, my 10 year old shops
with me
> for clothes and can only find tighter than tight belly shirts and extreme
> hip-huggers.  Her size (and she's tiny for her age) clothing is often
stamped with
> printing on the rear-end saying things like "no way no how" or "in your
> dreams".  Little girls emulate Brittany Spears.  Advertisements for
women's lingerie
> would have met porn standards a decade ago.  Is it  that Japan has never
had a
> Woodstock, a total sexual rebellion?  It can't be that simple.
> Julie Krueger
> thinking of moving her children to Japan as an option to the nearest
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