[lit-ideas] Re: "No sex please - we're Japanese"

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Little girls emulate Brittany Spears.  Advertisements for women's lingerie 
would have met porn standards a decade ago. 
In one of Bill Maher's best routines, he addresses the fashion of tawdry 
undress, something like:
I feel sorry for whores.  
What can whores wear today to let people know they are whores? 
"No, I'm not on my way to an opening. I really am a whore!"

In curmudgeonly mode, I tend to think of the whore-style as more symptomatic 
of the US's slow transformation from leading technological nation to 
slave-caste banana republic: 
*outsource jobs-
*increase education costs-
*decrease social mobility-
*reduce freedom and privacy protections-
*whore style


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