[lit-ideas] "No sex please - we're Japanese"

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 23:23:55 EDT

This intrigues me.  I'd like opinions re. why this trend in Japan (John?) and 
such an opposite trend (if in its extreme form it can be called merely a 
"trend") in the U.S.  I am increasingly faced with the sex-ing of life here.  
12 year old 6th grader tells me the 7th grade girls talk routinely about giving 
blow jobs, she's shown video in "health class" showing computer animated 
shots of ejaculation from the inside of the penis, my 10 year old shops with me 
for clothes and can only find tighter than tight belly shirts and extreme 
hip-huggers.  Her size (and she's tiny for her age) clothing is often stamped 
printing on the rear-end saying things like "no way no how" or "in your 
dreams".  Little girls emulate Brittany Spears.  Advertisements for women's 
would have met porn standards a decade ago.  Is it  that Japan has never had a 
Woodstock, a total sexual rebellion?  It can't be that simple.

Julie Krueger
thinking of moving her children to Japan as an option to the nearest convent 

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