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> Is true love possible in this kind of society? Maybe not, if true love
> requires the kind of commitment that survives disappointments, spats,
> real crises (that old "for better or worse" thing) instead of the get,
> enjoy the temporary buzz, kvetch, forget and move on that consumerism
> encourages.

> (First stanza of "Her Anxiety" -Yeats)
> Earth in beauty dressed
> Awaits returning spring.
> All true love must die,
> Alter at the best
> Into some lesser thing.
> Prove that I lie.

Proof I cannot offer. But as mere anecdotal evidence I could cite my 
parents, who celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary still madly 
in love (I have photographs to prove it). I might also mention my own 
marriage. Ruth and I celebrated our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary 
last week. While we often get on each other's nerves and our spats do 
sometimes escalate alarmingly, we are, at the end of the day, 
remarkably happy together. Business partners, political allies, lovers 
and best friends, we share cats, a garden, deep affection and concern 
for our daughter, delight in good food and good wine. And no one else 
will ever share all that we have done and been together for all these 

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