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On 2004/06/05, at 11:53, JulieReneB@xxxxxxx wrote:

> This squares more with what my Middle-schooler tells me than Andreas's
> assessment does.  What's the descrepancy in observations/accounts due 
> to?  Are only
> kids "doing it" these days?

One possible take is that only kids are doing it and then getting bored 
with it, the normal process of instant gratification followed by 
satiation, then searching aimlessly for something new that is the hall 
mark of societies in which consumerism is rampant.

Is true love possible in this kind of society? Maybe not, if true love 
requires the kind of commitment that survives disappointments, spats, 
real crises (that old "for better or worse" thing) instead of the get, 
enjoy the temporary buzz, kvetch, forget and move on that consumerism 

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