[lit-ideas] Re: Nigerian gun control as an example for us

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  • Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 10:30:03 -0700

From Julie:

The thing about guns, to me, is not that people will be violent and use
whatever tool of violence that is available to them, but that guns are very
effective killing machines.

Just wait until a little patriot gets a pistol and adds:

- A Hellfire trigger (allows rapid firing, only $21)

- Laser targeting (allows precision shooting. Anyone can hit a perfect bulls eye with one shot. Yours for only $19.95)

- A few boxes of talon bullets (when entering, they expand like claws, ripping the internal organs. Sweet! $15 per box)

- A few extra clip extensions (hold 31 bullets, allows very fast reload, just pop a new clip in. Yours for $29).

Of course, he'll need a gun (a Glock is $400 (free shipping). If he buys it online, he pays no sales tax. http://www.topglock.com/catalog/pistols.htm

For less than $500, junior can take out several hundred marauders in a 

Let me ask you this: Is $500 too much to pay for freedom?

There are two problems with handguns in America:

1) People use these things to massacre others

2) And those who defend the handgun industry and thus allow this to happen

What if every red-blooded American citizen were allowed to purchase a small 

That makes clear the absurdity of "we need weapons for self defense." Having more weapons doesn't increase self-defense; it makes the situation worse.

Each schoolyard massacre will increase the pressure to ban handguns. It is entirely feasible to kill 300-500 children. When we reach those body counts, handguns will be banned.


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