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In a message dated 12/31/2005 3:34:34 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Nobody  responds.  Nobody kids.  They just tell me nobody wants to talk to  
me, that I have character defects.  And they're right.  Clearly  nobody wants 
to be bothered.

*I* bothered. (granted...I didn't kid...<sigh>)
And, THEN, You told ME to go away!  Why would anyone want to be  "bothered" 
if, after someone else is taking what you wrote extremely seriously  (and is 
very excited at the prospects you had before you) and you told that  person to 
go away and that you were not going to read that person's posts any  longer and 
that YOU were overwhelmed?
Hmmmph. <wry look>  (I cannot stay upset for too long.   People are people 
after all...and with Irene/Andy--well, mostly Andy  for Irene has issues, 
well...Andy, I do think, wants to grow...)
Hoping that Irene/Andy reconsiders and begins to attend a Unitarian Church  
or begin volunteering at the local Humane Society (they have cats) or a local  
pet rescue group or the League of Women's Voters (no kids, you know) or begins 
a  master's degree in public administration...or does something so she can 
meet and  connect with more than just the typical threatened attorney...(not 
of them  are that way, though. She must know only a select group...like 
matching to like  of course. Andy needs some changes made so that he'll match 
slightly  different sorts...This list, however, is probably the biggest baby 
step taken in  a long time...)
Marlena in Missouri
having had lots of stimulating conversation tonight (along with  
light-hearted humor and who is wondering where one stays in NYC to watch the  
Time Square 
party in real life [was requested to go there next year <g>]  but unbeknownst 
to the party requesting, plans were being made to visit Arizona  instead...)

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