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ldren need two parents Marlena,

Hey--my son has two parents!  He loves us both very much and we both  love 
him very much!   I suppose what bothers you is that he has TWO  homes--and gets 
lots of really neat interaction with his dad!  MUCH more  than when his dad 
lived in the same house with us!  Cool, huh!  As he  says, it's far better to 
have two happy homes than it is to have one sad  one!  And, he's one of the 
'together' kids you'd ever meet!   (but, then again, he doesn't sit around 
and watch tv all the time, either  <g>)   In addition, we always have a 
of kids (though as  I was chatting with another parent last night who also 
began to stop with the  'more than three at a time' as he [like me] let his kid 
have a whole slew  overnight at the same time once and it was simply wild!  
and the boys were  about 10 then--<g>.  Ah, memories...!
Besides, I'm only responding to all YOU have written!  You wrote  and 
asked--I merely answered!  Come on--be fair!!  
You don't, after all, keep your comments to yourself!  If you are  going to 
whine and complain, then I will provide you with possible  solutions. I like 
people to be in happy productive places, doing  constructive things.  I don't 
like unhappiness or despair or whining.   So, my way to deal with those things 
(because they put ME in unhappy  places and *I* don't like that!) is to assist 
in getting that person to  also be in a happy place.  Then, we can all be 
happy together!   Makes for a MUCH nicer party!  (or listserv!)
But, if you don't want to hear it, please keep your whining and  complaining 
to yourself and then I won't have any idea that you are doing  nothing about 
things but whining and complaining!
Nevertheless,  I will still hope that you DO volunteer in your  community 
this year!

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