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Is #4 a secret, to be only divulged to a cabal of esoterics?

Julie Kruegerer
Wondering what the password and initiation rites are, and if it's worth it.

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> To make another metaphor, one that's intended as metaphor, not as 
> biologically determinative, maybe "Culture" (with a capital C) is like 
> DNA.

Oh goody!!!  A metaphor fight!  Here's mine:  culture is a recipe for 
cooking-up a life.  "Cooking-up" is, of course a metaphor for dealing with 
the ingredients at hand.  The "ingredients at hand" is a metaphor for 
something like -- (1) all the values imbued in you by your loving or 
unloving parents -- it makes a difference in how bitter the meal the dish 
turns out, as Irene will testify -- as well as by all your preachers and 
teachers and Mrs. Grundy; (2) your weird neighbors; (3) your own particular 
physical and psychological needs; and (5) social circumstances.  Most of us 
tend to not trust ourselves enough to throw out the recipe and start from 
scratch.  The ingredients are there -- that's all we really have to work 
with.  OK, then, we go with the comfort food meal.  But occasionally someone 
will come along with some strange ingredient and add that in.  And that 
changes the whole taste of life.  Those who like it, repeat it, those who 
don't either kill those who change the recipe or learn to live with the 
difference.  Ergo Baskin-Robbins.

Mike Geary

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