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But soft, methinks Walter hear voices from east and west:

The philosopher on Walter's left shoulder goes:

Eric needs to make up his mind. Is the hunt for truth or for goodness? In thw
words made famous by a past American Vice-President: "One needs to know what
game one is after before setting out into the woods and streams."

The philosopher on Walter's right shoulder goes:

Objection: Isn't that a false dichotomy? One that remains false regardless of
the geography of its utterance? I mean, if one claims "G is good," one is also
claiming that "It is true that G is good." And conversely, if one claims the
latter, one also claims the former. Truth and goodness are thus "convertibles"
as the Schoolmen were wont to say. Eric's FBI thus needs to catch only one
instance of either in the bush in order to have both in their hands.  


Clear off both shoulders and return to grading.

Possessing all the virtues except for temperance,

Walter O

Quoting Eric Yost <mr.eric.yost@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Disillusioned FBI Launches Nationwide Hunt For 
> Some Kind Of Truth
> WASHINGTON?FBI director Robert S. Mueller III 
> announced Monday that the entire manpower of his 
> increasingly disillusioned agency has been 
> diverted into a massive nationwide search for some 
> semblance of genuine, concrete truth.
> FBI agents are actively pursuing something worth 
> holding onto in this crazy, mixed-up world.
> "After years of investigating all the things 
> people do to one another, from murder to mail 
> fraud, every agent at the bureau's disposal has 
> been reassigned to track down 
> something?anything?that could still be considered 
> pure and true," the world-weary Mueller said. "We 
> are currently working around the clock to pinpoint 
> the exact location of any shred of goodness left 
> in humanity, and will not rest until this 
> ineffable notion is finally in our custody."
> Added Mueller, "If some inkling of truth is out 
> there, the FBI will find it."
> The existential hunt, underway across all 50 
> states, is the largest initiative launched by the 
> FBI to date. So far, nearly 8,000 federal agents 
> have been mobilized to search for the intangible 
> concept, with several units being deployed to 
> watch the setting sun, walk barefoot through 
> fields of grass, and "listen?truly listen" to the 
> laughter of children in hopes of tracking it down.
> Enlarge Image FBI Sunset
> The FBI's counterterrorism division has been 
> reassigned to watch sunsets and listen to Pink Floyd.
> In addition, the FBI has reportedly started 
> selling off all its belongings, including even its 
> highly prized forensic spectral analysis 
> equipment, in the event that divesting itself of 
> worldly possessions will bring it closer to 
> locating the elusive truth.
> According to an interoffice memorandum, all FBI 
> employees have also been instructed to throw their 
> cell phones into the Potomac River.
> "We are following several leads," said Mueller, 
> who was seen Monday leaving the agency's entire 
> $6.4 billion budget next to a homeless man 
> sleeping on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. 
> "Reliable witnesses have said that truth may be 
> hiding in a good, honest day's work, or is 
> potentially being harbored in something as simple 
> as a butterfly alighting on a chrysanthemum."
> "At this time, we are also attempting to verify 
> CIA intelligence which seems to indicate that the 
> only real truth is living one's life not by any 
> philosophy, but simply by being kind and decent 
> and good," Mueller continued.
> Several agents contacted for interviews told 
> reporters they have been dispatched on 
> investigative cross-country road trips in beat-up 
> Volkswagen vans, while others have been ordered to 
> take peyote and wander through Joshua Tree 
> National Park in an effort to obtain clues from 
> animal spirit guides.
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