[lit-ideas] Re: New Orleans... gone tomorrow?

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That's one of the good things about living on the Rock (Newfoundland). Nothing
much ever happens here. (If you're 50, alright 51, married with two "kids",
that's a major consideration in assessing quality of life.) Iceberg may lumber
into the harbour or come to rest along the coasts once in awhile.
A German cruiseship may come in and expel hundreds of tourists into town for a
few hours. Russell Crowe (sp?), Meg Ryan and Daniel whatshisname might show up
at the Newman Vaults. Richard Rorty or Martha Nussbaum may come in to the
university for a series of lectures and a Jiggs Dinner. MooMoos,
the icecream shop down the road, might come up with a new flavour (raspberry
this week took the town by storm). Some fishermen might be pulled in off the
waters by the Coast Guard for illegal fishing. A Japanese sailor might be seen
fishing in our harbour to the horror of the diners at the Keg. (Yes, the Keg
pulled in just last year and, no, you don't want to eat anything that you've
pulled out of our harbour. I'll spare you the details.) Someone might have had
the audacity to rob a corner variety store and then try to escape. (There's
only one road heading west to the ferry and the mainland and only one airport.
No trains. Busses are a joke.) Blockbusters might have a DVD version of *To
Catch a Thief* with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Some tourists from Toronto may
end up getting lost in the woods while hunting for blueberries or mushrooms. We
haven't yet started charging them for the costs of rescue operations, but we
are having meetings with officials from Phoenix, AZ. Pods of whales may swim in
close to shore and scare the tourists from Maine and Alberta. Visitors from
Duluth Iowa might be offended by some of the nudity and course language in one
of our home-grown plays. A new supply of cans of genuine Titanic icewater may
show up at a store downtown catering to tourists from Alberta, Toronto and
Duluth. I might lose a game of chess at Bitters, our grad student pub and that
makes the papers. The liquor stores may have received a new supply of Oban and
Talisker. Aside from that, not much really goes on. If a hurricane, tornado, or
a visit by George W were to hit the Rock, most people would probably go to
their local neighbourhood pub and order a couple of bottles of single malt for
the occasion and then just go home and sleep it off, hoping to awake to a
gloriously sunny and calm morning (or afternoon). And everybody thanks their
respective deity that they don't live in North Bay, Toronto or Calgary. So you
ask why I teach in the provinces?  

Walter O.
The Rock of Canada

Quoting JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx:

> CNN is saying this morning that it has shifted a bit (the hurricane) and  now
> they're thinking Mississippi may bear the brunt.....they aren't ready I  
> don't imagine, though at least they're not a sitting duck in terms of 
> surrounding 
> water and sea level.....I don't *even* want to turn on my TV.   <sigh>  Of 
> course, I will.
> Julie Krueger
> hoping the National Weather Service is being alarmist. 
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> > So think  it will be okay in November?  Ready for tourists and conference 
> >  goers? 
> If you're asking if Orleans be 'OK,' I'm sure they'll have  millions of 
> gallons of oil from the huge refineries near the city swept off  Bourbon 
> Street in a couple of days, and the majestic oaks replanted in a  week or 
> two. Not to worry.
> > Maybe it will die down before it gets  there, though.
> Turn on your TV.
> Robert Paul
> The Reed  Institute
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