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  • Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 13:44:22 -0400

Dear, Diary,

There are times when I get a kick out of my job...


Erin:  Royal LePage Partners, Erin speaking
Man:  Hi, I would like to book an appointment for showing.
Erin:  Property?
Man:  30 Harrison Garden Blvd.
Erin:  Last name? 
Man:  Pan, P-A-N.
Erin:  First name?
Man:  Peter, P-E-T-E-R.
Erin:  Uh, Peter Pan?
Man:  Yes.
Erin:  You said Peter?  Peter PAN?
Man:  Correct.
Erin:  [laughing] Okay, uh, when would you like the appointment for?
Man:  Tomorrow, June 13th, 3-4pm.
Erin:  Right.  I'll get the listing agent to call you back.


Erin:  Royal LePage Partners, Erin speaking
Woman:  Hi, I'm looking for Batya Mishan.

[Note:  Batya is Israeli]
[Note:  She speaks Hebrew around the office thinking that nobody understands 
[Note:  The above point is irrelevant, but somewhat amusing]

Erin:  She's not in the office right now, would you like me to page her to call 
Woman:  Okay, sure, that would be great.
Erin:  I need your name and a number where she can reach you.
Woman:  [gives me her number]
Erin:  And your name please?
Woman:  N-A-Z-I.
Erin:  Excuse me?
Woman:  N-A-Z-I.
Erin:  Ex-CUSE me?
Woman:  N-A-Z-I.
Erin:  Okay, so you're saying that your name is N, as in neologism...

[okay, I'm kidding...let's start again]

Erin:  Okay, so you're saying that your name is 

N, as in neighbour, 
A, as in apple, 
Z, as in zebra, and 
I, as in icecream?  


Woman:  Yes.
Erin:  And this is your first name?
Woman:  Yes.

[Erin puts the woman at hold and turns to her co-worker]

Erin:  Sunil, man, I can't page Batya with the name and number of someone named 
Sunil:  What?!
Erin:  Okay, you know what, I'm just going to throw another Z in there, and end 
it with a Y.  N-A-Z-Z-Y.  
Sunil:  Good call.

at work in Toronto
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