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> Andreas writes:
> > Okay, Robert, while you're packing up a red herring to send to me 
> > (wrapped in the NYT), here's your example. See below, an article from 
> > today's Salon.
> I want to thank Andreas for actually doing some work and looking for 
> evidence, instead of, well, admitting that he never reads the Times,
> although he knows what's in it, as I've heard of some people doing.

Whether or not I waste my time reading the NYT doesn't change that the NYT
publishes fantasy and propaganda on their front page as fact.  If you want
to get your "news" from the NYT, far be it from me to stop you.  I still
think the real question is, why in the world is the NYT considered liberal
when they hated Clinton, don't write about the damage Bush has done to the
economy, and supported an invasion based on information they knew or should
have dug up to be clearly false.  Why did they do no investigative
reporting into what the administration was up to instead of giving them
cover?  The red herring idea is not that far off the mark; it's the reason
the NYT runs "liberal" editorials so their made up stories on page one can
make the administration look good or bad depending on who's in the White
House.  "Facts" presumably carry much more weight than opinion.

Whatever happened to Laurie Mylroie, the conspiracy theorist about Hussein
and 9/11?  I wonder if she wasn't a paid hack to push the idea (paid by
whom, the NYT isn't telling), or if she smelled a best seller and threw one

Off the subject, I saw a chilling headline.  Bush appointed a new Fed
Chairman, Greenspan is resigning.  I don't know a thing about this guy, but
given Bush's other appointments and accomplishments, I shudder to think
what's going to happen to the economy now.  Given the oil prices, the
country is tottering on the brink of an inflationary spiral again, like in
the 70's.  It wouldn't take much in the way of stupid monetary policy to
push it over the edge.

Andy Amago

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