[lit-ideas] NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition

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  • Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 00:05:03 -0500

Bishop Sheridan of the diocese of Colorado Springs has refused the sacrament
of Holy Communion not only to politicians who support abortion law, but to
those Catholics who vote for those politicians.  I applaud this edict.  God
should not have to be eaten by people who support a woman's right to control
her own body.  I only hope that the good bishop will refuse communion to
those who use contraceptives as well.

The only problem with this edict is how to identify those Catholics who vote
for those politicians.  When I was a kid, I remember stories told by the
nuns of the sacred host bleeding profusely as the priest was about to place
it on the tongue of a sinner.  But that's when God was still working.  He's
apparently retired now.  I was wondering if perhaps there weren't some
Inquisition techniques for ferreting out the guilty that might be employed
in this endeavor.  The nuns didn't teach us about that stuff though, so I
thought I'd thow it out to the list for suggestions.  We must find someway
to know how people voted, else God will have no protection from Democrats.

If you can help in this matter, please speak up.

Mike Geary

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