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Geary compares Yale with Harvard:

"I wouldn't  talk to any of you people either if I lived within ten miles of 
Yale.  Harvard's different. I'm not sure how. Just different. Like a  poor 
man's Yale"
Not so sure, I can speak in geographical terms, and Harvard seems to  get a 
better flowing river where you can actually practice serious rowing. Yale,  on 
the other hand, must find a way to practice along the rather muddy West River  
-- altough I grant the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club in Branford is quite a  gem.
Buildingwise, while Yale is neo-Gothic and imitates Oxford, there's  more of 
a sense of 'laberynthine' atmosphere (if that's the word) in Harvard. In  
terms of facade, the good students' houses face directly the River Charles in  
Harvard, while they are in the middle of a not too clean downtown area in Yale. 
Or not to 'quiet' either. As Harold Bloom was heard complaining the other day, 
 "Yale is hardly what it used to be. You can actually hear the taxis on the  
streets as you lecture on Shakespeare. Atrocious."
Sunsets on the Charles River are also more romantic and there's a sense  of 
Thoreau's Walden about the northern banks of the Charles past the footbridge.  
Vegetation is wilder and you 'feel' you are getting a good education.
The proximity of Yale with New York (always noisy and dirty) does not  help, 
especially when students think that it's Central Park they should be  spending 
time at, rather than cycling along the quiet suburban lanes around Yale  -- 
where Geary would not talk to anybody if he lived there. He would be too busy  
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