[lit-ideas] "My son died for the lot of you!"

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>>I take 'save' as a very serious verb. "Jesus saved my life",  Geary said. 
>>Which is paradoxical in that Jesus died before Geary was  born, but that's 
>>Catholicism for you.<<


"That is NOT Catholicism, that is Protestantism.   Salvation through faith in 
Christ alone is Luther's perversity and that of  all the heretics who 
his damnable lead.  But unus, sanctus,  Catholicus et apostolicus ecclesius 
teaches, and rightly so, that both faith  and GOOD WORKS are need for 
It's a steep and thorny road to  heaven and a hard rain's a-gonna fall before 
you get there.  Please  don't slur Catholicism with your heresy.
Mike Geary
"once a Catholic,  always a Catholic"
----- You know -- you are right. I _was_ weighing my words when I wrote  
that, and was about to write "That's Christianism for you" which I thought  
sounded rude. Mea culpa et apologia, domine. 
This reminds me of that brilliant script, "The Entertainer" by J. Osborne.  
In one sequence, Brenda de Benzie, I think she's the film actress, recalls how  
she noticed a couple of open homosexuals at the back of a double decker, and  
irritated by their 'queer lingo', she explodes,
        "Oh you shut up. My son was  killed [in Suez] for the likes of you"
---- which is horribly politically incorrect, and a wrong ascription on the  
intention to _save_ on the part of the British Tommy. 
Re: The Falklands War Defeat
        -- You do see veterans in public  transports, asking for the charity 
-- pathetic.
        -- Those who DIED there (some of  them ironically Anglo-Argentines 
with names like
               Reynolds and Tomlinson), were killed by the hands of Gurkhas 
mercenaries  --
               who were high in drugs and killing each other on the way up to 
the hill 
               where the Argentines kept their troops. Hardly Spartan on the 
British  side.
J. L. Speranza
   Buenos Aires, Argentina

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