[lit-ideas] My adverb right or wrong, but right or wrong, my adverb.

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  • Date: 11 Oct 2004 20:15:36 PDT

>...I don't know whether there's a way of deciding -- or knowing --when
"wrongly" should be used.<
'Wrongly" is used before a verb, but 'wrong' is used as a post-noun (or a
post-pronoun) modifier: 'Don't take this wrong,' 'He got the directions wrong.'
Cp. 'He got the wrong (adj.)directions.'

He wrongly identified it as an oak.

Eventually he got it right.

'She did him wrong,' means (I think) She did wrong to him. 'She did him
wrongly,' suggests whips and chains.

The more you look at 'wrongly' the weirder it becomes.

Robert Paul
The Mutton Institute of Grammatology
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