[lit-ideas] Must the World Be Illiterate? (Was: Must the Word be Literate?

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McCreery writes of 
>the search for a perfect language extends is characteristic
>of  modern philosophy from Leibniz to the early Wittgenstein (the one
>who  wrote the Tractatus). 
-- and a very  literate book, it is too, unlike his later (the 'later 
Wittgenstein') who later  wrote the rather illiterate "Philosophical 
(in German outbursts  to his amanuensis, Mrs. Geach).
Geary says that yes, the word must be literate.
I agree, 'literate' is from 'letter' and letters have representations in  
phonic terms. There is no way of conceiving a word that can not be rendered  
_literate_. On the other hand Third-World sociologists keep talking of how  
illiterate the Third World is getting. By which they mean that they  misspell.
In Spanish, 'illiteracy" translates as 'alfabetismo' (knowing your ABC),  
which simplified the world wonders for Eva Peron.
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