[lit-ideas] "Must A Name Mean Something?"

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When I was living in Seattle, I  knew this Hispanic guy that everyone called 
"George".  I thought that  odd until I realized that his name was Jorge. 


Asks Alice to Humpty Dumpty.

"Well, yes; it tells you what shape you are."
Of course Greek _georgias_ is a common name, means 'farmer'. It _is_  related 
to 'country' (as in 'country matters', etc.). Hence "Georgics", i.e.  poem of 
bucolic beauty.
Now "Lewis" is more of a Germanic thing. I think it means 'warrior'.
Why "Jorge Luis" Borges was thus named is sort of easy to explain. His  
father was "Jorge Borges", a laywer. Jorge Borges's mother was English, so that 
may explain the "Jorge", I haven't checked. He was born in the 1870s, in Buenos 
"Borges" itself is, I was told, a Jewish surname -- of Portuguese immediate  
O. T. O. H., there's Zuleika Dobson.
(I'm currently reading "The Genius of Lancaster" -- the programme of a  
current exhibition).

   -- "When I'm bored, I leaf through Debrett's, just to  amuse
   myself at the Christian names these lords endow their  offspring."
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