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FIRST MUFFIN: "Man, is it hot in here!"
SECOND  MUFFIN: "Wow! A talking muffin!"---
It's good -- but was the joke in English.
I find 'man' a gross thing to say -- I think the origin is creole English,  
don't know.
"Man" does not translate to the romance languages.
What strikes me is that the proper vocative in that case would be,
           "Muffin",  rather than, of all nouns, 'man'.
I have another one.
One muffin is making love to a fellow creature. A third muffin says,
       "Muffin, a f----ing muffin.  ----f----ing a muffin.
       One of the other muffins replies, "A  muffinA. We's not gay."
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