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Manchurian Candidate (1962). Cold War drama thriller. Ultra-right wingers save America from Commies. It's fairly watchable. Frank Sinatra does some lousy acting. Angela Lansbury is very good as the reptile mother.

Joyeux Noel ("Merry Christmas") (2005). A French/German film. During WWI, French, German, and Scottish soliders faced each other in trench warfare. On Christmas, soliders put down their weapons and visited each other. Very powerful movie about war and the people caught up in it. Very good ensemble acting. Excellent details about life in the trenches. Beautiful music. The film is tri-lingual, in French, English, and German, with sub-titles, although many of the background comments aren't translated. For example, one German says to another "Mut hoch" ("Raise the dog high").


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