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A novel in two parts -- of John's birth to become a fisherman and of John's 
passing after having been a fisherman.

In this excerpt John has just been informed by his best friend, Peter, that he 
has finally passed away, full of years. Peter has come to assist John in his 
journey to the other side. Earlier in the day they went hunting for crabs. Now, 
as they walk together to Peter's boat, John asks questions regarding their 

Yrs, T Fjeld

- - -

"Now you've joined the dead, John," Peter says.

"This morning you passed away. Since I was your best friend I was sent to 
collect you," he says.

"But why did we hunt for crabs?" John asks.

"You had to get used to not being alive. We just had to do something," Peter 

"So that's how it works," John says.

"Oh yes, that's how it works," Peter says.

And they turn right and usher into the overgrown path to the bay. 

"I can still see you," John says. 

"I was given some matter when I was sent to collect you. But let's go to the 
boat so we can start our journey," Peter says.

"Where are we going?" John says.

"Now you're asking questions of the living," Peter says.

"Not to anywhere?" says John.

"The place we're going isn't anywhere, and that's why it has no name," says 

"Is it perilous?" says John.

"Perilous?" says Peter. "Perilous is a word. There are no words where we're 
going," Peter says.

"Is it painful?" says John.

"There is no matter where we're going, so there is no pain," Peter says. 

"But the soul? Does the soul hurt there?" says John.

"There is no 'you' and 'me' where we're going now," Peter says. 

"Is it a good place?" says John.

"It's not good nor bad, but large and serene, and a bit quivery and bright, if 
one were to put it into words that don't really say much," Peter says. 

And John looks at Peter and he sees that Peter smiles behind the grey hair that 
has now grown even longer , beyond his shoulders, and it has become thick and 
bright, and it is as if a yellow light shimmers around his head. 

"Oh, Peter," John says.

And John and Peter walk together towards the bay. 

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