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My comments would make more sense if you read them all -- at least I assume you 
didn't read them all in the light of your statement; which is a point no one 
was making or opposing.  

I said that the Moderates in Indonesia were not rolling back Islamism, quite 
the reverse.  Islamism, Jihadism, Radical Islam is rolling back Moderation.  
But the Indonesia discussion was an adjunct to the main discussion of Jihadism 
which originated in the Middle East -- as I noted.  The Middle East is our 
focus and ought to be.  If we look elsewhere (in a discussion of Islamism) we 
need to justify our enterprise in terms of the relationship to the main Jihadi 
impetus.  That is why I could not utterly sympathize with the Gaffney position 
on PBS's rejection of his film -- from what I understand of it.  He credits 
Moderation as being more influential (if I understand what was said about his 
film) than I believe it to be.  And the moderation he describes exists outside 
of the Middle East.  

Yes Islam outside of the Middle East is important, but it is not a bulwark 
against Jihadism.  It is a dry season in a dry land with Jihadist fires 
breaking out all over the place.


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and this shows Indonesia is not a place where there are Muslim moderates 
working against extremists?

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