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 From: Julie Krueger <juliereneb@xxxxxxxxx>

>How fun!!>

There is something magical about The Beatles. Just a pennys worth, and like 
many of my posts sent with a sense of deja lu, but the "Beatles first L.P" as 
Larkin rightly had it, is a v special thing which I discovered v late - last of 
their works. A friend of mine, who wanted my advice, tried to set the mood for 
a long session by playing "There's A Place", one of the truly magical Beatles' 
tracks, and I bought the album essentially to get this. But everything on it is 
truly great. That sense of energy and outgoing 'happy-go-lucky' spirit is 
pristine there before the touring and studio bickering wore it thin - but I 
cannot help hearing the Beatles almost fall about laughing as, with their seamy 
experiences of Hamburg etc, they sing the most innocent 'boy-girl' love lyrics 
with more than a hint of knowingness and ridiculousness. Not so fresh-faced and 
wholesome but in that blues tradition were the hypocrisies and inanities of 
mainstream culture towards
 sexual matters are wryly sent-up. It is this use of form and tone that makes 
later songs like "I Want To Hold Your Hand" much more subversive in effect than 
the 'plain-as-your-face' approach of The Rolling Stones, since the exhilarating 
musical rush tells a different story to apparent tweeness of the title 

But then what really shocked me and hit me in the solar plexus was this:

>I've never heard of Morecambe & Wise.  


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