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"Ray Monk participates."
I adapt from


Ray[mond] Monk was born in München, in the American-occupied sector of  
Germany", so he is an American.
In fact, he is German, British and American, or to use the Oxford comma,  
"German, British, and American" (order inessential).
"My father", he recollects, "was in the British Army,"
He now lives in Southampton for 22 years ("[...\ I think of it as  home").
He lives with "... two cats, Spider and Ziggy."
Monk recalls: "[I [became] "utterly obsessed” with philosophy as an  
undergraduate at [York]."
the University of York.
Monk adds:

"I play the guitar [...] and also the ukulele."
He has now written on Oppenheimer -- a family name with fascinating  
etymology -- Geary traces it to "open-home" --. Or not!

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