[lit-ideas] Monday night poem

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 00:59:06 EDT

Can't compete with Mike G's poem, but broadcast an oldie from the mid-90s 

Crews assemble my death from the bottom up,
I will never die. I see them because they see me.
I see wet foundations rise, concrete sewn with steel,
gravel in municipal downspouts, splinters of timber,
foundation for seventy floors shaping in the pit,
Archimedes at Columbus Circle.
"Excuse me sir. Can I ask you something?"
The sunset is hopeless, the rainbow a threat.
I perform an autopsy on myself.
My Little Huckleberry learned his lessons.
I will love exactly what I said I would love.
A seller must disclose to a buyer vague kinship.
It's a public town, pop a cap in my ass,
Vox et praeterea nihil.
The winter shakes my hand for months,
My true love winces at a strange perfume
and is swallowed by an avenue of buses.


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