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Well, if truth be told .... (what kind of an opening is that anyway??) .... Liz
and I have had an ongoing relationship for quite some time now. Not at all
easy, mind you, since Grace has some definite (and petrified views) about
"proper" relationships. But I was seduced  by her green Sweedish car, and the
rest is Brother Fox history. Jamie is cool with everything, of course. Lettuce
is history, big time. 

Walter O
Tutor of Charlie II
Olives Forever

Quoting David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> It starts at the washing machine.  Having passed a weekend reading about
> Elizabeth Dalhousie, Alexander McCall Smith's imaginary editor of a journal
> about ethics, I stand at the control knob wandering whether my wash is heavy
> and whether heavy is about weight or density of dirt?  My mind then grabs
> what students could call the metaphorical "aspect": does any of us, boating
> through the world, produce a light wash?  And, bonus question for the fleet,
> what is the right attitude to a "No wake" zone?
> This weekend we were in L.A., flying in to spoil daughters: to visit them and
> to spend money on sundries.  I did the dadly bit--held this and that, grumped
> when the stumptown coffee wasn't right, wandered aloud how "body wash" is an
> improvement on soap--and browsed the aisles slowly, safely away from those
> who carried lists.  I found in the "ethnic" hair care section--you'll think
> I've got a thing about "ethnic," but this was happenstance--a brand of
> conditioner named "Placenta."  Among the lines of advice and encouragement
> printed on the bottle was "keep out of reach of children."
> I find that standing in stores and museums is hard on the back.  To distract
> myself, I listed names for imaginary pubs--I liked "The Optimistic
> Curmudgeon"--and things that people might pursue in addition to happiness:
> buffalo, passenger pigeons, PBS pledges, the state of number one-ness, perps,
> ends, means, higher returns, Olympic records, lowering taxes, raising beds
> (particularly of truuuucks), greater firmness, more or less hair (according
> to preference), freedom from schemes, outcomes, conditions and conditioners.
> At another store's exit--and we were in: the cheese shop, two resale shops,
> two museum shops, bookstores (of course)...not to mention the farmers'
> market, others I've forgotten-- there was a sign offering a ten percent
> discount on "gormet cookies," and a man asking his friend to "remind him"
> where exactly Alberta is.  I don't believe he knew.  
> As for L.A. drivers...I have a new theory.  I think it's atavistic, an
> ancient inheritance from the hunt... they zoom and fail to indicate simply
> because they don't want others to guess where they're going and so to find
> the feed first.  From one shore of the dry basin to the other, L.A. is one
> enormous "Make wake or die" zone.
> David Ritchie,
> Portland,
> Oregon------------------------------------------------------------------
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