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For the record, the contemporary English translations are the work  of W. 
P. Dickson, a professor at Glasgow. 
The first three volumes (which contained five 'books') were published  
during 1862 to 1866 by R. Bentley & Son.
Over several decades, Dickson prepared further editions of this  
translation, keeping pace with Mommsen's own revisions.
With regard to Mommsen's 1885 "fifth volume" on the Roman  provinces, 
Dickson immediate began to supervise its translation. 
In 1886 it appeared as The Provinces of the Roman Empire. From Caesar to  
Mommsen's missing FOURTH volume was reconstructed from student notes  and 
published in 1992 under the title Römische Kaiser Geschichte. 
It was soon translated into English by Clare Krojzl as "A History of Rome  
under the Emperors".
The Italian translators are various (or 'varied and many' as McEvoy might  
prefer -- He finds 'various' otiose), and they include:
Teodoro Mommsen, 1943.
Storia di Roma Antica 
Traduzione di Luigi di san Giusto Edizione Curata da Cesare Violini

Storia Di Roma (Le Grandi Opere Storiche) by Teodoro Mommsen  (1988)

Storia de Roma Antica Nuova Traduzione Italiana Eseguita sull'Ultima  
Edizione Tedesca da Luigi di San Giusto. by Teodoro. Mommsen (1903)

Storia Di Roma Antica 3 Volumes by Mommsen. Teodoro (1903)
Storia di Roma antica vol. 1\\1 - 
Dalle origini sino all'Unione d'italia by T. Mommsen 

Storia di Roma antica vol. 1\2 - Dall'Unione dell'italia sino alla  
sottomissione di Cartagine 
e degli Stati greci... by T. Mommsen 
Storia di Roma antica vol. 2\1 
La rivoluzione. I Gracchi. Mario e Silla by T. Mommsen 
Storia di Roma antica vol. 2\2 
La fondazione della monarchia militare by T. Mommsen 
Su La Storia Romana Di Teodoro Mommsen (1869) (Italian Edition) by Giuseppe 
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