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Is it possible that there is more than one educational institution in Padua
where economics could be studied ?


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> "Alas Harvard was a person, hence calling Harvard  Harvard university is
> just fine and dandy even by the silly gricean maxims.  Padua university is
> called padua university exactly because both exists and  padua-city got
> there
> way before the university and its faculties came into  being.
> I think Mitford is thinking of specific contexts.
> i. Jones went to Padua to study economics.
> ii. Jones went to Padua.
> iii. Jones graduated from Padua.
> I THINK Mitford has in mind examples like (i): "to study economics" would
> seem to implicate that it's the university of Padua that is referred to,
> hence
> iv. Jones went to Padua University to study economics.
> WOULD violate a Griceian maxim.
> With Harvard it seems to work very similarly.
> The fact that I believe Harvard was originally referred to as Harvard
> COLLEGE (which should also be avoided) rather than UNIVERSITY may be the
> reason
> behind this.
> Oxford is slightly different.
> Grice went to Corpus Christi.
> You don't need to add "College", and even less, "Grice went to Corpus
> Christi College, Oxford University". That would violate Griceian maxims
> _twice_,
>  and trigger all the wrong implicatures.
> Mitford extend her approach to other places too.
> "We're dining at Blenheim Palace" would be non-U as she calls it. The thing
>  _is_ a palace, not far from Oxford, but
> "We're dining at Blenheim."
> just does.
> Cheers,
> Speranza
> * Mitford is basing her research not so much on Grice but Ross, of
> Birmingham.
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