[lit-ideas] Re: Mirembe and the need for Blackwater

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 23:51:52 -0500

I most especially miss her amazing poetry.  (Her posts, "prose", were
usually in and of themselves poetry.)

Poets, you know, can put on various garbs -- but they are mere trappings
unrelated to Reality.

Julie Krueger

On 9/19/07, Mike Geary <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry once again for having sent a reply empty of any Reply.  Life gets
> complicated at times as everyone of you knows.  But here I am back at the
> reply and full of confidence that it'll get sent this time.  Actually,
> it's
> hardly a reply, more of an Amen to RP's post on Mirembe.  I can't remember
> any political posts by her.  She seemed to eschew all political
> opinion --like David Ritchie or Erin Holder do, except that I doubt either
> of them gives a damn about our political anguish -- lucky sods.  I've
> always
> imagined Mirembe as being very politically minded but choosing for
> professional reasons to keep her cards close to her chest.  I've also
> imagined her as being very internationally-politically astute, which would
> probably preclude most up or down judgments of political happenings as
> Lawrence and I engage in,  but I'll be damned if I'll ever let anyone's
> diplomatic aplomb curb my righteous refusal to look at the details.  I
> know
> my prejudices and I stand firmly behind them.  I only know Mirembe her
> through her posts. so everything I say is to be understood in that light.
> Almost all of her posts, as I remember, were literary in nature.  She took
> me to task on more than three occasions over my interpretation of specific
> works and literary theory in general --  she was wrong on all counts, of
> course, but that should have no bearing on how one judges her skills as a
> diplomat with the State Department.  Mirembe Nantango!  Let's dance!!!
> Mike Geary
> Memphis
> wondering if her kid is still tethered in a courtyard with the goats.
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> From: "Robert Paul" <rpaul@xxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 3:25 PM
> Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: Mirembe and the need for Blackwater
> > By the way, is the US embassy spokeswoman, Miremebe Nantonga
> referred
> > to in the AFP article, the same Mirembe who used to be on    Lit Ideas
> and
> > Phil-Lit and with whom I argued on more than one     occasion?
> Yes, she is the same person. Whether you 'argued' with her more than once
> I cannot say. It's surely possible that you and she disagreed over
> something
> a couple of times.
> > I can't recall what we argued about but could it have
> > been politics or the military?
> No. Mirembe has never on these lists discussed politics in the sense
> of taking sides, criticizing US policy, or attacking the sort of
> ideology you exemplify. She has never here discussed US policy from
> any political stance, and one could not have inferred from her posts
> where her political sympathies lay. That should be enough to answer
> what you say next:
> > Could [she] have been a typical Lit-Ideas/Phil-Lit member, i.e., a
> > Leftist? so, what is she doing in the hated State Department,  and
> Mike,
> > what is she doing defending  Blackwater?  Did she  succumb to   filthy
> > lucre?  Or is she  operating out of principle?
> It's depressing to see you still assigning people ('the typical
> Lit-Ideas member, e.g.) to categories, the features of which have been
> pre-judged. I grant that this saves one the trouble of thinking: 'Oh,
> Smith is a member of lit-ideas, so he obviously believes in arming the
> jihadists, levitating the Pentagon, and promoting bimetallism.' One
> needn't pay any attention to what was actually said, once one knows
> who said it. 'The hated State Department'? Who among us has expressed
> hatred toward the State Department--the entire State Department?
> (Well, it certainly wasn't Mirembe, who throughout her membership on
> Phil_lit and its various reincarnations has worked for the State
> Department.)
> Mirembe, acting as a spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Baghdad, has
> not, in any of her remarks quoted in various newspapers, 'defended'
> Blackwater. Nor has she criticized it.
> You move, through a series of rhetorical questions, to a conclusion
> about someone's political and professional views; but the conclusion
> you seem to be trying to reach would only be supported if one accepted
> your own implicit answers to your own questions. Since your answers
> are false, the most you have done is to slander by innuendo, a person
> who was for years an ornament among the contributors to these lists.
> Robert Paul
> Reed College
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