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<<I put it in coffee and I do eat nonfat yogurt.  What would you suggest?>>

Half and Half in your coffee and frozen blueberries w/ heavy cream instead of 
the yogurt.  If you get bored with that, get Grapenuts -- the only way to eat 
them, of course, is with cream and lots of sugar.  If that is too refreshing in 
the cold of winter, make some hot oatmeal, make a small well in the center of 
the dish and into the well put a couple tablespoons of real butter, sprinkle 
the oatmeal generously with brown sugar, and when the butter is melting pour 
heavy cream over all.  

A.A.  I think you've got the right idea but I'm not ready to go the Half and 
Half route.  I buy the fat free milk that has all the fillers in it to make it 
taste like 2%, which it does, or I just buy 2% because I don't use that much.  
I do eat frozen fruit all summer, blueberries, cherries, peaches, mango, papaya 
straight out of the freezer.  Much better than ice cream.  (The mango needs to 
be zapped for 30 seconds in the microwave to soften it up.)  In winter the 
fruit needs more zapping.  BTW, did you see Supersize Me?  If you did, what do 
you think?

Hey.  You asked.

A.A. No need to get defensive.  

Julie Krueger
(I used to be able to get glass gallon jugs of pasteurized but non-homogenized 
milk -- the cream had not been removed.  It was the richest, creamiest, best 
milk in the world.  Alas, the "health" craze has removed it from any American 
shelves.)  Wanna talk about the many uses of cheese?

A.A. I like muenster on a baked potato.  It's funny though, because I don't eat 
sat fat I can taste the difference between sat fat and unsaturated fat.  For a 
while I was eating cheese and I suddenly I didn't want my nuts.  Now I stopped 
with the cheese and I like my nuts and seeds again.  I think that's the premise 
behind Supersize Me, that fat is addicting.  What else can you do with cheese 
in addition to the 70's fruit and cheese?

Andreas, don't quote me, but I think the gas humans release is a lot more than 
what cows do.  If nothing else, there are a lot more humans.  It's why our 
plumbing has to have the elbow and be vented just so, so the gases don't back 
up and houses don't explode.  


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> > > Back  then pharmacists said, "Heroin clears the complexion, gives
buoyancy to the  mind, 
> > > regulates the stomach and bowels, and is, in fact, a perfect guardian
of  health."
> > How in the *world* did such a notion develop?!?! And when and how was
the reality of the 
> > chemical and its  effect on people realized?
> Dear Perpetually Stunned,
> In the year 2167, people will ask in disbelief "but how could they have
thought in Ancient 
> 2005 that it was okay to drink cow milk? What were they thinking?"

Andreas, you've got my curiosity is up.  What should we know about cow's
milk?  Other than it was designed for cows and is full of sat fat and most
likely antibiotics and should not bet given to babies, what's wrong with
it?  I put it in coffee and I do eat nonfat yogurt.  What would you suggest?


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